Baize And Wool Fabrics

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The Many Uses of Baize

Baize has many uses making it a highly practical material. Most importantly it is made wholly or primarily from wool. A fibre that has been revered and used by man for millennia due to its durability and warmth.

The baize we stock is all heritage grade and made in the UK using strict quality controls. It has a tight weave making it useful for a wide variety of applications.

For example the standard and extra wide baizes we stock are all made using a blend of 95% British wool 5% nylon. Subsequently making these baizes useful for upholstering furniture and using to cover snooker, pool, and card tables.

The softer, lighter 100% Merino wool baizes are ideally suited to fashion and textiles. Their softness means they are suited to making clothing, costumes, uniforms and hats.

We’ve carefully curated the baizes we stock into exampe “uses”. These are ideas or broad areas where certain baizes are best suited. Hopefully this will help you identify a baize for your own particular use.

  • Fashion & Millinery

    Fashion & Millinery

    Wool Fabrics for Fashion and Millinery This range of baize fabrics are ideal for Fashion and Millinery uses. They are all woven using 95% British wool. These fabrics not only have a beautiful finish, but the wool/nylon mix means that garments or hats made from them will be warm and durable too.
  • Games, Sports & Leisure

    Games, Sports & Leisure

    Hardwearing Baize. Vibrant Colours These 95% Merino wool, extra wide baizes are ideal for games, sports and leisure uses. Due to their hardwearing characteristics they are particularly well suited to covering snooker, pool and billard tables, as well as casino gaming tables for cards and roulette.
  • Craft Projects

    Craft Projects

    Fabrics for Craft Projects Affordable baizes for all kinds of craft projects. Made with a mix of british wool and nylon these fabrics are both durable and practical. This makes these baizes ideal for all manner of craft projects, with customers buying baize for making cushions, through to lining furniture and display cases.
  • Upholstery and Soft Furnishings

    Upholstery and Soft Furnishings

    Baize for Upholstery and Soft Furnishings These Baizes are perfect for upholstery and soft furnishings in mordern interiors. The five percent nylon content, gives the Merino wool added durability, making this fabric perfect for furniture and upholstry.
  • Uniforms & Ceremonial

    Uniforms & Ceremonial

    Heritage Grade Fabrics for Ceremonial Uniforms These heritage grade fabrics for uniforms and ceremonial dress are all woven using a mimimum of 95% British wool. They are then pigmented with vibrant, colourfast dyes, to ensure durability.
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