Baize And Wool Fabrics

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Distinguished Woollen Fabrics

We stock only the finest woollen fabrics. From baize to exciting twills and duffle cloths, all are made in the UK to exacting standards by master craftsmen using traditional techniques and premium grade wool.

Fabrics can be bought full width, off the roll by the metre for large projects or pieces cut to size for smaller projects.

Fabrics for Interior Design

These fabrics are designed specifically for interior design use and can have been used by woodworkers to line the insides of furniture, cabinets and boxes. They are also ideal for upholstery and soft furnishings as well as covering gaming tables from card tables to snooker tables.

Standard Baize

Uses: Interiors

Faced Finish | 570gsm | 1.75mm thick

Using a wool and nylon blend (95% Merino wool 5% nylon) to create an extremely durable fabric that can withstand a lot of use. Ideal for games tables, architectural detailing, lining fine furniture and gun cases. This is a hardwearing baize, that offers value for money and will stand the test of time.

Extra Wide Baize

Uses: Interiors

Twill Weave | 460gsm | 1.25mm thick

With their generous 220cm width, the fabrics in this range are ideal for larger projects. This is the baize to opt for if you need a heritage grade fabric on a big scale. Customers have bought this fabric for furniture and vintage car upholstery, through to film sets and architectural restoration of historical building details.

100% Merino

Uses: Interiors | Clothing

Faced Finish | 390gsm | 1.15mm thick

Woven from 100% Merino wool, this fabric is a brilliant choice for the eco-conscious. Known as Doeskin, it has a faced finish giving it a lustrous sheen that highlights contours which, coupled with it’s soft handle, makes this exquisite fabric the preferred choice for the world’s leading designers.

Vivid Hue Baize

Uses: Interiors | Clothing

Brushed Nap Unfaced Finish | 340gsm | 0.85mm thick

A range of vivid colour fabrics that add a pop of colour to enliven any modern interior. The brushed nap provides a soft finish, that can be used for upholstering whole pieces of furniture or for detailing signature accessories. Lighter in weight, it’s soft, supple and handles easily. 100% Merino wool.

Clothing Fabric Ranges

For ease we split the fabrics and baizes for clothing and apparel that we stock into ranges. These ranges all have key differences. Although they appear to be subtle, these differing properties mean that each type of fabric is best suited to differing uses.

100% Merino Wool

Uses: Clothing | INTERIORS

Faced Finish | 390gsm | 1.15mm thick

Woven from 100% Merino wool, this soft and supple fabric has a lustrous sheen from the faced ‘Doeskin’ finish which exquisitely complements the contours of the body and the cut of a garment. This fabric is the preferred choice of the world’s leading designers.


Uses: Clothing | OUTERWEAR

Twill Weave | 400gsm | 0.75mm thick

With it’s sharply defined twill weave, made with 100% worsted Merino wool, gives this fabric a timeless quality. A versatile fabric that can be used for elegant, tailored garments, as well as for exciting interior design detail pieces.

Cavalry Twill

Uses: Clothing | OUTERWEAR

Twill Weave | 660gsm | 1.75mm thick

An elegant, heavyweight and practical pure Merino wool cloth that is ideally suited to outerwear, thanks to its dense, windproof weave. Originally designed for royal military cavalry units, today its uses are far more peaceful and refined.


Uses: Clothing | OUTERWEAR

Faced Finish | 590gsm | 2.3mm thick

A modern take on the classic duffle fabric, popularised by the Royal navy’s famous duffle coats, which were designed to keep the cold and the wet at bay. Made using 80% Merino wool and a textured weave pattern softens this rugged fabric and adds a touch of class.


Uses: Clothing | TAILORING

Smooth Faced Finish | 270-470gsm | 1.15-1.65mm thick

Melton cloths have a tight twill weave that is then finished in such a way that the pattern is concealed. The result is felt like smooth fabric that is soft to wear and suited to coats and jackets. Available in various weights and thicknesses.

Pilot Cloth

Uses: Clothing | TAILORING

Twill Weave | 505gsm | 1.5mm thick

Pilot Cloth is a fabric with nautical origins, traditionally made into jackets for mariners. This is a durable, tightly woven, pure merino wool fabric, that provides warmth and protection from the elements. Made using only natural fibres for eco-conscious fashion.


Uses: Clothing | OUTERWEAR

Faced Finish | 500gsm | 2mm thick

The Pioneer range of fabrics is inspired by the clothing worn by intrepid explorers through time. All these fabrics are hardwearing and windproof, the same qualities that all explorers – from James Cook to Edmund Hillary – have sought in their garments.

True Heritage

Uses: Clothing | Restoration | Re-Enactment | Costume

Various Finishes | 315-470gsm | 1.3-1.65mm thick

True Heritage fabrics are a range of cloths that closely match historical military uniform fabrics. These fabrics are the go-to choice for authentic re-enactment uniforms, restoration of original period uniforms or for recreating period military clothing for stage or screen.

Vivid Colour

Uses: Clothing | Interiors

Brushed Nap Unfaced Finish | 340gsm | 0.85mm thick

Vividly coloured fabrics particularly suited to costume design for stage or film. The pure 100% Merino wool provides softness and durability. Costumes made from these baizes keep actors comfortable for long periods and costumes looking good after many changes.