Baize And Wool Fabrics

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Smaller Pieces of Luxury Baize

If your project only requires a little piece or a smaller quantity of baize, then we have a few different ways to buy baize that are more cost-effective than buying a length off the roll. Below is our brief buying guide to get just the piece of baize you need at the price that’s right.

Baize Offcuts and Remnants

Cost: £££

We have an extensive range of baize offcuts and remnants, that include fabrics from across the ranges of fabrics that we stock. Pieces range in size from centimetres to metres in length. Offcuts or remnants marked “end of roll” are the cheapest pieces we sell due to slight imperfections that are a result of being attached to the cardboard tube.

Precut Baize Squares

Cost: £££

Originally created for those seeking a piece of baize to restore a playing card table, our precut baize squares are also the perfect option if you need a larger piece of baize. The squares are cut from our two most popular ranges – Standard Baize and Extra Wide Baize – with the latter being available in squares up to 100cm/39.37in

Baize Cut to Size

Cost: £££

Our Baize Cut to Size, is the most cost-effective way to buy exactly what you need for a project. As with the offcuts and remnants, you can choose from across our ranges, with the additional benefit of having a wider choice of colours, when opting for a square or rectangle. Additionally, we also cut baize into circles with a tolerance of ±2mm.