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  • Post published:17th August 2021
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Quality Baize is not cheap. It’s a simple as that. Fear not. If you’re looking to minimise your costs and only need a small piece we have plenty of options to save you money.

How to Buy Baize Cheaply

If you are working on a tight budget, but aren’t prepared to compromise on the quality of your materials, then it is hard to reconcile budgets with quality. Here is our brief guide to the more economical ways to buy baize. Allowing you to use premium British made fabric at a low cost.

Baize Offcut, Remnant, Oddment – Pieces Large or Small

Fortunately, there are baize remnants and offcuts. As a stockist of quality baize, and also business that uses the same baize to make handmade baize tablecloths, we understand baize isn’t cheap. However, we do produce, offcuts of baize, which we meticulously measure and offer for sale.

An offcut of baize can be just what you need for a small project. They are particularly suited to lining a jewellery box or a drawer. They can even be used for small craft projects like the Baize Drawstring Bag project we featured on our blog recently. Furthermore, buying an offcut costs significantly less than buying a piece of baize off the roll.

Fabrics Cut To Size

After the offcuts and remnants are the fabrics we cut to size. This is most economical for smaller pieces of baize, but for larger pieces our next option is a better. The advantage of buying baize cut to size, is that we’ll cut the baize accurately for you. We can even cut circles of baize too, with a tolerance of ±2mm!

Precut Baize

Another option, if you can’t find a remnant or offcut in the right dimensions, are our precut baize squares. These are much loved by furniture restorers who have an old card table to refurbish. However, these squares of baize can be used for all manner of projects.

Precut baize squares are sold in 86cm (£39.95), 91cm (£44.95) and 100cm (£99.99) squares, depending on the cloth type.

Cheap Baize Guide

We hope this brief guide on the most economical ways to buy baize was useful. If you have any comments, queries of further questions, please leave a comment below or feel free to contact us.

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