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  • Post published:29th July 2021
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We have extended the options for our precut baize squares to create card table fixing kits. The add-ons include products for the replacement of baize on modern style tables.

What are These Kits For?

As one of the only stockists of genuine British made baize that sells in small quantities has led many customers, wanting to restore playing card and domino tables, to us. This inspired us to create our precut baize squares, cut to fit the standard sizes of playing card tables.

As our original business started out by making and selling playing card table cloths made from premium quality baize and also selling the card tables for the cloths to go on. Customers would often want a piece of baize to recover worn tables.

With our creative backgrounds and can-do attitudes, we also offered customers who bought from us, the benefit of our knowledge, for free. Giving guidance on how to go about replacing the baize surface themselves.

Bringing all of these elements together, allows you to create your own Card Table Fixing Kits. Containing just what you need to cover your card table.

Card Table Recovering Kits

Simply select the colour and type of precut baize you want, add a bottle of Baize Glue, an optional brush, a roll of double-sided tape. If you select all these components you’ll be offered a free instruction guide. You can pick and choose your options. For instance, you may want to order a bigger bottle of glue.

The How-to Guide to Recovering a Card Table

The guide we’ve prepared is designed for modern Vono style tables. This applies to the tables made today as well as the antique tables made by Vono. The guide we’ve created has been written from our own experience of carrying out this kind of work before. It is a general how-to guide for this style of table. It is in no way meant as a definitive or exhaustive guide.

Additionally, the guide does assume that you have a reasonable degree of practical experience, undertaking other such DIY projects. No one task is difficult, but a level of care, attention to detail and skill is required.

Please also bear in mind we’ve provided this guide as a handy add on, but we are experts in fabric NOT furniture restoration. With this in mind, we are regrettably unable to offer aftersales support. So if you have any doubts please contact a professional furniture restorer.

Card Table Recovering Kits

Bringing together the important elements you need to fix, restore or recover your playing card table, including a FREE how-to guide. Select all the components you require to give your playing card table a new lease of life.

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