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  • Post published:19th March 2021
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Are you looking for the perfect non-scratch fabric to polish metal to a high shine? The 100% merino wool metal polishing cloth is just the cloth you need.

What’s the Secret to Getting a Perfect Shine?

The key to achieving a scratch-free perfect shine is to use a soft, 100% natural wool material. Even a small percentage nylon content can cause scratching. The answer is our specially woven polishing cloth made from Merino Wool: fabrics made using pure Merino Wool have the exact properties that make them ideal for polishing metal. Additionally, you need a nice thick layer of wool on your polishing machine, and our polishing cloth averages 1600 microns, ideal for this use. It has a tight weave, and no additives, chemicals or dyes are used in its manufacture so it’s as pure as possible.

Wool is Heat Resistant

Using a 100% wool fabric for metal polishing is a good idea, as wool doesn’t melt with extreme heat, which is one of the reasons it’s used to make garments for firefighters and military personnel.

This is important as the heat build-up from friction that comes from buffing or polishing metal can be considerable. This becomes even more pronounced when machine polishing metal in a manufacturing environment.

Fabrics With no Added Colour

Having the fabric as free from additives as possible is another key consideration. The dyes themselves can mar the metal being polished. Therefore choosing a natural undyed polishing cloth is really the only option for a mirror-like finish.

Wool is Naturally Durable and Bio-degradable

More than ever we’re all thinking more about the earth and our impact on it. In our opinion wool is a super fibre, that has fantastic natural properties and is highly versatile. Firstly it is a farming by-product and with careful handling and minimal additives makes it a great choice environmentally.

Sheep are hardy creatures, living in some of the most extreme environments, so they have adapted with a thick, dense and hardwearing fleece. This means fabrics and materials made from wool, are also hardwearing and durable.

The pure wool fabrics that we stock are all woven, which further increases their strength and durability, and the polishing cloth has a special weave and thickness that makes it ideal for giving your metalwork a flawless shine.

Find Out More

If you would like to talk to us about using this cloth for polishing metal then please feel free to contact us today.

Industrial Polishing Cloth

This industrial grade polishing cloth has been designed specifically for industrial metal polishing and protecting highly finished surfaces

Polishing Cloths for the Home

The same cloth as the industrial cloth, but sold in handy 20cm squares for use around the house. Eco-friendly and long lasting for your precious metal

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