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  • Post published:9th June 2021
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If you’re searching for fabric to cover or restore a Domino Table, then take a look at our pre-cut baize squares. Baize makes the best playing surface.

Why Use Baize for a Domino Table?

Baize is one of the best materials to use for all types of gaming tables. High quality card tables, have a green baize surface, as do snooker, billiards and pool tables. This is for a number of reasons.

Baize is a Highly Durable Material

Baize resists wear and tear and has a consistent, even surface. This is of particular importance for games such as snooker, which requires a smooth rolling surface. Similarly for poker where cards are moved around on the table.

Baize Provides Grip

Baize provides a bit of friction and a bit of slide. It has a happy medium between the two. For card games, this is a key factor. When the dealer is dealing cards, the grip and slip of the baize slows the cards down. Which stops them skidding or flipping over.

The Way Baize Feels

The feel of baize is nice too. Not only to the touch but as a playing surface. Furthermore, baize cushions and mutes sound – it is often used as an acoustic baffle. When a domino is laid down on the table, the fabric helps to deaden the sound, making for a more pleasant playing environment.

Baize Can be Printed

If you have a club or you just want a design to make your domino table stand out, baize can be screen printed on. This is a custom service, that we can arrange for you. So if this is something you’d like to do, please feel free contact us.

Which Fabric to Use to Restore a Domino Table?

As domino tables and card tables are so similar in size, the pre-cut baize squares we stock can be used for the job. If you want an exact or closer fit for your table, we also cut baize to size with millimetre accuracy. This gives you a wide range of colours and finishes to choose from.

All of the baize we stock is made in Britain, using the highest quality British, Australian and New Zealand wool. The baize we sell all has a minimum of 95% Merino wool. The added 5% of nylon, ensures the baize lasts a lifetime. We have an article about How Baize is made and What is Baize if you would like to read more about this fantastic fabric.

Need Help Covering a Domino Table with Fabric?

We have a lot of experience restoring and replacing the fabric of old card tables. So if you buy a piece of baize from us, we are always happy to help advise the best way to recover your table. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us, or leave us a comment below.

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