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  • Post published:6th April 2021
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Due to customer demand, we’ll soon we now stock double-sided tape and A4 sheets for fixing fabric to surfaces. Both tape and sheets are useful for furniture restoration work.

Made from Paper

The adhesive tape for fabric and adhesive sheets for fabric that we’ll be stocking are both recyclable in width your paper and cardboard waste. They’re double-sided “tissue tape” which means that both products are made of tissue paper with adhesive on both sides, then protected with a paper backing. The tape also comes on a cardboard core, meaning that any waste is fully recyclable.

Double-sided Adhesive Tape for Fabric

Tape is a quick and easy way of applying tension to baize when restoring or recovering your card table, and when tensioned, to hold the fabric in place while you apply a more permanent adhesive. There’s no need to use G clamps, batons and weights, and is ideal for those with no specialist equipment. It’s far easier and saves a lot of time too.

The double-sided tape we’ll soon be stocking is a very specific, special width – 15mm on a 20mm finger lift paper backing – that’s been made especially for us. It really is the ideal width for replacing the baize on your card table. If you buy a roll of tape, glue, and a piece of baize from us for recovering your card table, we’ll also supply you for free, complete instructions on how to get the best resurfacing results.

A4 Adhesive Sheets for Fabric

These A4 size (297mm x 210mm) double-sided sheets are ideal for applying directly to fabric to make it self adhesive. Simply apply to baize and cut to your desired shape. The applications for these double-sided A4 adhesive sheets are numerous, some usage examples are:

  • Pads for Chess Pieces
  • The Bottom of Ceramics and Lamps
  • Backing for Placemats, Coasters and Ornaments
  • Lining Small Boxes
  • Lining Small Drawers
  • Lining shelves
  • Glue for Fabric

Made especially for us, A4 is really handy and workable size that’s easy to apply. For larger areas, simply buy multiple sheets and align the edges. The adhesive on these A4 sheets works very well with baize and forms a good bond with a range of surfaces, making these sheets an ideal store cupboard arts and craft supply.

Make Your Own Self Adhesive Baize

The A4 sheets can be applied to any of the baizes we stock to make self-adhesive baize. For those who’d prefer to buy the baize with the self-adhesive backing already firmly and professionally applied, this also available.

Buy Double-Sided Adhesive Tape and A4 Sheets for Fabric

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