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  • Post published:21st July 2021
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Many customers have been asking “how to glue baize to wood”. Whether for restoration of old playing card tables or fine cabinet making. Our new Baize Adhesive is here.

With many adhesives and glues available on the market today, you might think “any old glue will do”. However, when undertaking restoration work of antique or modern playing card tables, bureaus, writing desks, gun cases and the like, choosing a glue that works well with both a wool fabric – like baize – and wood can be a challenge.

A Specially Formulated Glue for Baize

We are passionate and love the fabrics that we sell. That our customer’s share this love for these fabrics too, inspired us to research a glue that would suit their needs.

We approached an adhesive manufacturer with a brief and a typical use case and asked them to advise. The result, a new adhesive, formulated to strongly stick baize to solid woods, MDF, chipboard, cardboard, boxboard or even paper.

What Makes Baize Glue Special?

Firstly, our baize glue is gelatin-based, which makes it “reversible”. But what is this? Reversible glue is just glue that can be loosened with warm water or humidity. This in turn makes repairs or future restoration far more simple. As the old glue can be removed with warm water only. Consequently, no stripping or sanding is required.

Reversible glue is ideal for the restoration of antiques. It helps to reduce the potential for future damage, to precious veneers or other materials that need to be preserved.

Secondly, this specially created glue has a long open time. Put more simply, the glue remains tacky for a long time. Having a long period of tackiness allows you to work slowly with care and confidence and better yet without the pressure of time. Furthermore, the long open time allows you to reposition the baize while working, ensuring you get a perfect result.

Baize Glue – Available Now

Our baize glue has been specially formulated for use with baize and wool based fabrics. It is an ideal glue for restoration use.

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