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  • Post published:3rd June 2021
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In this how to guide to keep baize clean – and any other wool based fabric – we explore how to keep your fabric in the best possible condition with minimum effort and cost.

Life Happens

Let’s face it, none of us live in a sterile environment. The kids, the dog, to cat, the snacking crumbs. Keeping fabrics like new feels impossible. However there are steps you can take to prolong the life of the fabrics you buy from us.

Deal With Spills Quickly

Baize will repel small amounts of liquid easily because of its high wool content. This means that any spilled water or water-based liquids will sit on the surface in little droplets, before being slowly absorbed. So the key is to act quickly, mopping up liquid spillage immediately to prevent it from soaking in.

Day to Day Fabric and Baize Maintenace

For day-to-day maintenance, brushing is most likely all you’ll need to keep your baize in an as-new state. We stock a range of brushes for this purpose. Specifically, we stock lint brushes for removing pet hairs if your dog or cat has taken a nap on the fabric, clothes brushes for keeping upholstery and clothing clean, crumb sweeping sets for clearing up after food and even a specialist gaming table brush, for use on billiards, pool, snooker and even poker tables.

The brushes we stock have been carefully selected as being best suited to the fabrics we sell. They are top-quality handmade brushes with natural bristles that will keep the fabric clean without causing damage.

Worse Case Scenario

If the worst happens and your fabric or upholstery gets very dirty, beyond the scope of brushes, then it will need to be more thoroughly cleaned. For this dry cleaning is the only real answer.

Look After Your Baize

Baize and the other wool-based fabrics we sell, are thankfully highly robust and will stand up to most that life will throw at it. It shouldn’t be babied but enjoyed fully. But knowing what to do and how to keep your baize clean is vital. Hopefully, a quick brush will do the trick, but a glass of red wine will – like with any fabric – require some specialist attention.

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