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  • Post published:26th March 2021
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With the rise of people moving to a plant-based diet, some want a more animal and eco friendly alternative to a leather strop. Merino wool cloth could be the answer.

Why Use Leather Strops for Sharpening Blades

Leather is the traditional material for stropping and honing knives. Cowhide with its naturally smooth surface has been the choice of barbers and knife sharpeners the world over, to finely hone and polish their razors and blades.

Naturally, leather has a bit of give to it, so the cutting edge doesn’t get deformed. However, it is just abrasive enough that any micro burr or nicks in the steel are polished away.

Furthermore, leather with its textured surface holds polishing compound well. This combination is traditionally used for the latter stages of knife sharpening, after a whetstone or steel has been used. to hone the edge before final stropping.

An Alternative to Leather

Unknown to many keen (excuse the pun) blade sharpeners, there are alternatives to it. The same qualities of a soft, evenly textured and durable material match 100 percent merino wool fabric. Specifically, the Merino Wool polishing cloth that we stock.

This merino polishing cloth, makes a good, eco-friendly and vegetarian alternative to the leather used for strops. Firstly it is a pure wool product, with no dyes added and no sheep killed for it. Secondly, it is completely biodegradable as it contains no man-made fibres. A specially designed cloth for polishing and for the protection of highly polished surfaces. Thanks to Merino wool’s innate nonabrasive nature.

How to Use

Using this as an alternative to a leather strop is easy. Simply load this cloth with a honing or polishing compound like autosol, or use it bare for a final strop.

Polishing Cloths for the Home

These handy 20cm square sizes are a perfect size for using for a strop. They can be split into two and bonded to a piece of wood to make a paddle strop. Load one side with compound and leave the other side bare for your final honing and stropping.

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