Baize And Wool Fabrics

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  • Post published:14th April 2021
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Our precut baize squares could be a good option for use as Manipulation Cloths for beekeeping. Baize drapes well thanks to its weight and blocks light too.

Why Use Baize?

It’s true that any piece of old fabric will do. However, baize has a number of properties that can make it a good candidate. Firstly it is made primarily from wool (95%). Wool is a naturally tough and durable fibre. When made into baize it is spun and then woven, increasing its inherent strength. This means that it will last a long time.

Secondly, all baize cloth drapes well. This is important as the cloth will hang over the edges of the hive easily, without the need to add extra weight.

Finally baize with its tight weave blocks out the light, keeping your bees happily in the dark while you go about your hive inspections.

Being made from wool, baize also has a warmth to it, which means that on slightly chilly days, using baize could also prevent a bit of heat loss from the hive, keeping your bees draught free and toasty.

Precut Squares of Baize

We stock precut squares of baize in a variety of colours, intended for use for recovering card tables. Yet the square format would happily lend itself to the main types of hive; National, WBC, Langstroth, Commercial, Dadant and Smith.

To make hive manipulation cloths for beekeeping, simply sub-divide a square of baize into two halves. Then along one of the straight edges of each half, attach a heavy dowl or wooden batten. The natural weight of the baize along the free edge will drape over the hive, as you move the battened edge across your frames.

Do You Keep Bees?

Can you think of another use for baize in beekeeping? We’d love to hear any suggestions you may have.

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