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  • Post published:4th January 2021
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Pantone has announced their “Colour of the Year” and this year they have chosen two! Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, which will set the trend for the following year.

Colours to Offer Hope and Strength

Choosing Grey and Yellow is a classic combination of colours. The grey offers a solid grounding while the yellow is uplifting and cheery.

We don’t have fabrics that exactly match Pantone’s colours of the year. So we have decided to select some similar colours from the fabrics that we stock.

Our Interpretation fo Pantone Colour of the Year

The first two colours we’ve chosen are from the 100% Merino Wool fabrics range and are suited to interior design and upholstery. For Pantone’s of Ultimate Grey we have chosen Gull Grey and for Illuminating we have gone with our absolute favourite, Pollen Yellow.

These 100% merino wool fabrics also benefit from having a faced side, that shimmers and reflects the light, much like velvet does, which adds an irridecsence to these colours.

Furthermore with merino wool being one of the softest natural fibres, means that these fabrics are delicate to the skin, but without compromising durability, thanks to the inherent toughness of wool. You can read our article about the Amazing Properties of Wool, to discover more about this superfibre.

Go Vivid

Our Vivid Hues range offers two more colour takes on the colour of the year, but with differing fabric qualities. The fabrics in our Vivid Hues range are lighter in weight are therefore thinner. However they too are pure merino wool with a brushed nap, so are soft against the skin, making them the choice for fashion and costume designers.

Looking for More Colour Inspiration?

If you’ve been inspired by Pantone’s Colour of the Year this year, why not discover new fabrics through colour? We have developed a handy colour picker so that you can browse all of the fabrics we stock by colour.

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