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Choosing a fabric to cover or renovate a poker table requires care and consideration. Here’s what to look for when selecting a fabric.

Fabric Durability

The key quality to look for in a piece of fabric to cover a poker table is durability. Poker not only involves cards being placed on the surface of the table but also poker chips, players drinks, food and the like.

Traditionally British Baize is the fabric of choice for playing card games on. The main reason for this is that baize grips cards well when they are being dealt. Added to this baize is very hardwearing. Firstly, quality British baize has a high – 95% plus – wool content, and secondly, British baize is tightly woven.

Resistant to Fire, Water and Stains

High wool content fabrics are naturally resitant to fire, water and stains.


Wool has been used extensively by the military for clothing – particularly on ships – as it will smolder rather than burn and melt.


Wool is naturally water repellent – sheep are tough creatures – and wool fibres in baize cause water to pearl and bead before slowly soaking in. This gives you enough time to wipe up any spillages


As with water wool is also stain resistant, which means no scotch guarding which is bad for you and the planet.

Best Fabrics for Poker Tables

We are a leading supplier of the finest woollen fabrics in the world. They are our passion and we have been using them, especially Baize, to make luxury handmade tablecloths particularly for cardplay.

British made Baize is especially good, for use on Poker tables – and any other gaming tables – because of the level of care and attention that goes into its production.

Of the ranges of fabrics that we stock, the best fabrics for poker tables are the fabrics suited for interior design, especially the Standard Baize and Extra Wide Baize. These two fabrics have a 95% Wool/ 5% nylon mix to maximise durability.

Printed Fabric for Poker and Roulette Tables

If you want to have a poker layout printed onto your table, then the fabrics listed below are the only colours that can be printed upon.

Need More Information on Poker Table Fabric?

We have supplied customers with fabric to recover their poker tables, roulette tables and gaming tables. If you want a layout printed onto one of the fabrics listed above we can arrange that for you too and supply you with the complete package.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us about your project – we’d love to help you realise your dream.

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