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  • Post published:1st June 2021
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Redecker Fabric Brushes are the beautifully simple answer to the question “how to keep baize clean”. We’re now proud to stock them.

Why Redecker Fabric Brushes?

Redecker have been making all manner of brushes, by hand since 1935. Using the finest raw materials, each brush is made with the same care and attention to detail that have become the hallmark of the Redecker brand.

Sustainability is also core to the brand, who make their brushes to last a lifetime. As a company, we care about the environment and minimising our impact. So stocking these german made brushes was a natural choice.

Made in Germany

A hallmark of German manufacturing is its consistency and quality. Redecker uses only the finest materials in the brushes that they make. From the solid beech wood handles and grips, to the natural horsehair bristles. Each brush is an exercise in form following function. You’ll want one, just for its aesthetics alone.

Brushes for Fabrics, Cloths, Tables and Upholstery

The brushes we’re stocking are fabric-specific. From brushes for cashmere and brushes for gaming tables to delinting brushes for upholstery. We are also stocking two table sweeping sets, which are great for sweeping up crumbs after any meal.

How to Keep Baize Clean

If you want to know more about general care and maintenance for baize please read our Product Insights post How to Keep Baize Clean.

We will be publishing a guide on which brushes are best to use with each of the fabrics we stock. If you would like to be notified when we publish this and any new products or product insights, then sign up to our mailing list.

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