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Baize Offcuts - Moss…

From: £6.81

Baize Offcuts – Moss Green

From: £6.81

Offcuts and remnants in assorted sizes of British made traditional Baize

Range: 100% Merino Wool
Thickness: 1.15mm
Weight: 390gsm
Composition: 100% Merino wool



Baize Offcuts Moss Green

Buy Moss Green colour baize offcuts for your sewing or craft project, available in assorted sizes.

Made from 100% Merino wool, tightly milled, twill weave, with a face finish. Our Moss Green Merino wool Doeskin baize is the preferred choice of the world’s leading designers. Thanks to its soft handle and lustrous drape, which works exquisitely to complement both furniture and body contours. Furthermore, this traditional cloth is made in the UK to exacting standards. Upheld through generations, yet it retains a thoroughly luxurious modern feel. The striking colour ensures that this Doeskin really stands out from the crowd. This fabric is beautifully simplistic yet stylish and elegant,  brought to life through the very detailed approach that the mill takes in selecting the best quality fibres, combined with years of processing knowledge and expertise.

The term ‘Doeskin’ originated from a similar appearance and feel of the fabric to the skin of a female deer. Along with the practical purpose for allowing rain to run off the surface in the direction of the nap, the light is captured on the face finish and bounces off the surface to create a lustrous sheen, similar to the appearance of velvet.

Points to Note

  • We cannot guarantee that all offcuts of the same colour are from the same dye-batch, so there may be some variation in colour and thickness if you buy multiple pieces.
  • Some pieces have chalk lines, selvedges, or an uneven edge. The advertised size is always measured inside these marks, so the actual piece you receive may be larger than stated.
  • The size of each offcut is in centimetres.
  • All baize remnants and offcuts, regardless of colour or size, are top-quality British made fabric, and this product is 100% Merino wool.

Pieces Marked ‘End of Roll’

End of roll pieces are a much more economical way to buy a remnant of top quality baize. Tape secures the fabric on a full roll and when this is removed it leaves a corresponding mark on the fabric. However, the inside of the fabric (the right side) is unaffected so end of roll pieces are great for projects where only one side of the fabric will be seen. For example:

  • Lining the underside of chess pieces or ornaments
  • Lining a drawer or wooden box
  • Backing a coaster
  • Making a pocket
  • Using the baize for appliqué


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