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Duffle Black

Starting at: £81.95

Duffle Black

Starting at: £81.95

  • Quality British made duffle fabric
  • A hard-wearing, soft woollen fabric in a deep rich black
  • Fabric thickness approximately 2300 micron (2.3mm)
  • Sold by the metre or by the roll (up to 60m)
  • Made from 80% Merino wool, 20% nylon
  • Roll width 150cm

Sample swatches are available for a nominal fee of £1.50 – order a sample swatch of this fabric here

Pricing Table

Range (m)Price (£/m)
1 - 1.9 m£103.95 / m
2 - 2.9 m£100.95 / m
3 - 3.9 m£92.95 / m
4 - 4.9 m£88.95 / m
5 - 9.9 m£86.50 / m
10 - 60 m£81.95 / m
Total Fabric Price

Please Note:Cut lengths of fabric are bespoke items and cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged.


Black Soft Duffle Fabric

Black duffle is a classic. Soft, warm and heavyweight made using 80% luxurious Merino wool. The addition of nylon makes this fabric harder wearing. A charming modern take on a traditional fabric means this duffle fabric is perfectly suited to structured outerwear and accessories.

Not only does this range of fabrics include four classic colours – black, white, red and navy blue –  it is also available in three striped designs, Candy, Veggie Ombre and Vibrant

Pricing Table for Black Duffle Fabric

Range (m)Price (£/m)
1 - 1.9 m£103.95 / m
2 - 2.9 m£100.95 / m
3 - 3.9 m£92.95 / m
4 - 4.9 m£88.95 / m
5 - 9.9 m£86.50 / m
10 - 60 m£81.95 / m

Where Does Duffle Fabric Come From?

The name Duffle derives from the town called Duffel in Belgium where the material originates. The British Royal Navy chose this material, because it was thick and made of wool, to make into coats. These became known as Duffle coats.  However, it was World War I that made duffle coats and this fabric famous. During that time, a great number of camel coloured coats were made. Designed as a warm outer layer for the troops. Because of the large stocks of post-war military surplus coats, the Duffle coat was then sold to the general public in the 1950s and 1960s. Marking it as a practical, everyday, winter coat, that remains a classic up to today.

Colour Variations of Woollen Fabrics

This 80% merino wool fabric is a natural material and colour variation is evidence of the natural origin of the material. Therefore the product colour is only indicative, as it is not possible to assure consistency of colour in a natural product due to the natural colour of raw wool and absorption of dyes. Colour matching cannot be guaranteed on shipments and variation will be more pronounced beyond the normal commercial range.

Additional Information

Roll/Bolt Length


Roll/Bolt Width




Fabric Thickness

2.3mm/2300 micron


20% Nylon, 80% Merino Wool

Primary Uses

Apparel, Fashion, Lifestyle and Home Goods, Sound Proofing


50,000 Rubs


Faced Finish

Purchase By

10cm increments with a 1 metre (100cm) minimum



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