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Blue Baize

£68.95 - £77.95 / m inc. VAT

Blue Baize

£68.95 - £77.95 / m inc. VAT

The shade of blue varies in each dye batch.

Sample Swatches

Sample swatches are available for a nominal fee of £1.50 – order a sample swatch of this fabric here

Total Fabric Price

Please Note:Cut lengths of fabric are bespoke items and cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged.

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Pricing Table for Standard Navy Blue Baize

Range (m)Price (£/m)
1 - 9.9 m£77.95 / m
10 - 60 m£68.95 / m

Standard Navy Blue Baize

Buy a length of thick standard navy blue baize, the very best fabric for cardplay, writing desks, door lining and a host of other interiors projects.  Made in England from 95% Merino wool and 5% nylon, genuine baize is durable and hardwearing. Baize also provides the optimum friction when playing card games. Baize is also used extensively by professional furniture restorers and upholsterers for all sorts of projects including drawer lining, lining wooden boxes and trays, covering instrument cases, recovering antique card tables, covering church doors, relining gun cases etc. Sold in 10cm lengths (minimum order 1 metre) buy exactly the amount you need with no waste. Please note, if you buy more than 1 metre, we’ll send a continuous length.

An Historic Fabric

Baize is the fabric of choice for sympathetic and authentic interior restorations. An historic fabric, unchanged in appearance, style and feel from its conception, baize adorns many historical and landmark interiors, taking pride of place in stately homes, castles, and great buildings of authority. Our baize, traditionally made in England, ensures authenticity in restoration projects, and is the finishing touch to restoring antiquities to their original beauty.

Summary of Specifications

  • Quality Baize
  • Composition 95% Merino Wool, 5% Nylon
  • Suitability Interior Design, Upholstery, Furniture Lining
  • Weight 570gsm
  • Thickness approx 1.75mm/ 1750 micron
  • Usable Width (cm) 190cm
  • Abrasion 50,000 rubs
  • Roll Length 60m


This 95% merino wool baize is a natural material and colour variation is evidence of the natural origin of the material. Therefore the product colour is only indicative, as it is not possible to assure consistency of colour in a natural product due to the natural colour of raw wool and absorption of dyes. Colour matching cannot be guaranteed on shipments and variation will be more pronounced beyond the normal commercial range.

Additional Information

Roll/Bolt Length


Roll/Bolt Width




Fabric Thickness

1.75mm / 1750 micron


95% Merino Wool, 5% Nylon

Primary Uses

Lining Furniture, Gun Cases and Display Cases, Vintage/Classic Car Upholstery, Interior Restoration, Thermal Curtains, Upholstery, Drapery, Lifestyle and Home Goods, Snooker, Pool and Billard Tables, Sound Proofing, Wrapped Panels and Tackboards


50,000 Rubs



Purchase By

10cm increments with a 1 metre (100cm) minimum


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