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John Atkinson Cashmere de…

From: £2,000.00

John Atkinson Cashmere de Lux Blankets

From: £2,000.00

Blankets made from 100% Cashmere wool and trimmed on all sides with either pure silk or satin. The Cashmere de Lux is the height of luxury, made in the UK by master craftsmen, with each one being hand finished.



Luxury Cashmere Blankets

These blankets are a true luxury, made using 100% cashmere and edged with silk or satin. Cashmere is renoun for its exceptional softness and warmth. Firstly the fibres used in these blankets are delicately brushed from underbelly of the cashmere goat. After that, master craftsmen then take the cleaned, dyed yarn and weave this luxurious fibre into these beautiful blankets.

Like sheep and lamb’s wool, cashmere has the same beneficial properties that they do. However it has an unsurpassed softness, which is somewhere between velvet and silk.

Made under the John Atkinson brand name by Hainsworth, the quality of craftsmanship in each  blanket is second to none. The cashmere is responsibly sourced and is of the highest quality. Craftsmen then weave this precious fibre on the widest looms in the UK, backed by 235 years of experience.

Make a Blanket Your Family’s Heirloom

Made to last, these cashmere blankets will look beautiful for years and years to come. Wool is a fantastically durable fibre and combined with expert weaving means that a John Atkinson blanket will be as sought after in the future as they are now. Leaving a wonderful legacy for your children, grand children and great grand children.

Additional Information


Champagne, White

Blanket Weight

375 gsm


Satin Bound All Round, Silk Bound All Around

Sizes (cm)

Single (255 x 180), Double (255 x 230), King (280 x 255), Super King (305 x 255)


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