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Penhallow's Coastal Collection

From £399.04

Penhallow’s Coastal Collection

From £399.04

Have a made to measure baize tablecloth made especially for your square or rectangular table. Each cloth is expertly made by hand by master craftsman Simon Lucas, ensuring unrivalled quality. Produced from the finest British made Merino Wool Baize to give you years of pleasure.

  • Inspired by the colours of coastal Cornwall
  • Made using special British baize, a luxurious 95% Merino wool, ideal for, yacht interiors, desks and gaming tables
  • Expertly handmade and inspected in our workshop ensuring unrivalled quality

Please note the maximum width we can make including drop for this cloth is 218cm

    Reset options

    Measure the shortest side of your table in centimetres, then type the number into the box above. Do not add any extra for the drop/overhang.

    Measure the longest side of your table in centimetres, and type the number into the box above. Do not add any extra for the drop/overhang.

    Table cloths look best when they hang over the edge of the table. This is called the 'Drop'. Measure in centimetres from the top of your table downwards and decide what drop you'd like. Type the number into the box above. We will add this amount onto all 4 sides of your cloth.


Bespoke Tablecloths – Penhallow’s Coastal Collection

Are you looking for a Merino wool cloth tailor-made for the size of your square or rectangular table? Then our bespoke Penhallow’s Coastal Collection Tablecloths are for you.

The Penhallow’s Collection is a beautiful, modern range of Merino wool table cloths, perfect for luxury interiors. Specifically, we’ve used extra special British baize that’s 95% Merino wool, which is vibrant and hard-wearing, giving you years of use. Also, every cloth is handmade to order in our workshop in the heart of the English countryside. Inspired by the light and colours of coastal Cornwall, we’ve paired ribbons and velvets to shimmer and reflect the light. Choose from 8 gorgeous colourways.

Measuring Your Table for Your New Bespoke Tablecloth

Ordering your made-to-measure Bespoke Chatsworth Baize Tablecloth is very easy:

  1. Choose the colour of cloth you would like.
  2. Measure the width of your tabletop in centimetres and type the number into the text box. The width is the shortest side.
  3. Measure the length of your tabletop in centimetres and type the number into the second text box. The length is the longest side of a rectangle. If your table is square, type the same number into both text boxes.
  4. Measure from the top of the table downwards and decide how much drop you’d like your cloth to have. The drop is the amount the cloth will overhang. Type that number into the last text box. We will add this amount to all 4 sides of your cloth (so if you choose 20cm, we will add 20cm to the left side, 20cm to the right side, 20cm to the top and 20cm to the bottom of your cloth).
  5. When you’re happy with your choice and you’ve double-checked the measurements are correct, add the cloth to your basket and complete the order.

Bespoke Tablecloths for Other Table Shapes

If you need a bespoke cloth for a table that isn’t square or rectangular, we can make one to fit. Please measure your tabletop and call us on 01380 829922 to discuss your requirements. If you prefer to email, please use our contact us form.

Types of tables we’ve made luxury custom table cloths for:

  • Tables in Luxury Yachts and Superyachts
  • Boardroom Tables
  • Luxury tradeshow table coverings

Baize, Not Felt

The fabric we use for all our baize cloths is top-quality British-made baize which is 95% wool and 5% nylon.

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between baize and felt. This isn’t surprising when you search online and find many suppliers describing felt as baize, or a fabric as ‘baize felt’ or ‘felt baize’. It’s important to know whether you’re buying baize or felt, because the two fabrics are very different. To read more about the differences be sure to check out our article Baize or Felt? A Brief Guide to find out more.


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