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Chatsworth Collection


Chatsworth Collection


This collection of tablecloths has an understated and modern look. Each cloth is expertly made by hand by master craftsman Simon Lucas, ensuring unrivalled quality. Produced using the finest  British made Baize to give you years of pleasure.

  • British made Baize with 95% Wool Content
  • 36 inches / 92cm square – to fit all standard size card tables
  • Colour matching heavyweight Petersham border
  • Expertly handmade and inspected in our workshop ensuring unrivalled quality
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Chatsworth Collection – Elegant Playing Card Tablecloth

If you like a subtle and understated playing card tablecloth then the Chatsworth Collection is for you. Featuring the finest quality British Baize in four rich colours, each trimmed with a matching colour. The overall effect is a tablecloth that is both subtle and elegant and perfect for today’s interiors. Simon Lucas uses only top-quality British baize with 95% wool, and every cloth is skilfully hand made in our countryside workshop just outside of Devizes.

The Chatsworth Collection playing card tablecloths are sized approximately 36 inches / 92cm square. The baize is 95% wool and 5% nylon. You can read about how Simon Lucas makes the baize bridge cloths on our product insights.

Why is Baize Used for Card Tablecloths?

Baize is traditionally used as a card play surface because of the optimum friction and give it provides, with green being the traditional colour.

Baize, Not Felt

The fabric we use for all our baize cloths is top-quality British-made baize which is 95% wool and 5% nylon.

There is a lot of confusion about the difference between baize and felt. This isn’t surprising when you search online and find many suppliers describing felt as baize, or a fabric as ‘baize felt’ or ‘felt baize’. It’s important to know whether you’re buying baize or felt, because the two fabrics are very different. To read more about the differences be sure to check out our article Baize or Felt? A Brief Guide to find out more.


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