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Self Adhesive Baize -…


Self Adhesive Baize – Cedar Green


These double-sided A4 self adhesive sheets are perfect for pads for chess pieces, backing coasters, lamps, placemats and ornaments or for lining small boxes and drawers.

This self-adhesive baize can also be branded with your logo.


A4 Self Adhesive Cedar Green Baize Sheet

We’ve taken our Standard Baize in Cedar Green, 95% Merino wool, and given it a self-adhesive backing to create an easy-to-apply heritage grade baize for your small craft projects. This Self Adhesive Baize Cedar Green baize is perfect for backing small objects, and lining boxes and fine woodwork with heritage-grade baize without the additional expense of glue. Being sticky backed, it’s ideal for backing chess pieces, coasters, lamps, ornaments and placemats, or for lining small boxes and drawers. We’ve made the sheet A4 in size (210 x 297mm) so that it’s easy to handle.

If you need a larger size, or a different colour or grade of baize, we sell the adhesive backing as sheets on their own which you can apply to any of our fabrics to make them self-adhesive.

An Historic Fabric

The Cedar Green baize is the same heritage grade Cedar Green Baize that we sell off the roll, but to which we’ve professionally applied an adhesive backing. Baize is the fabric of choice for sympathetic and authentic interior restorations. An historic fabric, unchanged in appearance, style and feel from its conception, baize adorns many historical and landmark interiors, taking pride of place in stately homes, castles, and great buildings of authority. Our baize, traditionally made in England, ensures authenticity in restoration projects, and is the finishing touch to restoring antiquities to their original beauty.

Summary of Specifications

  • Quality Standard Baize
  • Composition 95% Merino Wool, 5% Nylon with a tissue-tape self-adhesive backing
  • Suitability Interior Design, Upholstery, Furniture Lining
  • Weight 570gsm
  • Thickness approx 1.75mm/ 1750 micron
  • Size (mm) 210 x 297
  • Abrasion 50,000 rubs

Branded Self-Adhesive Fabrics

If you need a piece of fabric branded with your logo we can do this in-house for you. We will impress – also called debasing – your logo or brand into a fabric of your choice. The end result is subtle and sophisticated. The branded fabric can be supplied with self-adhesive backing and trimmed to approximate size.

Instructions for Use

For backing small items:

Simply cut the self-adhesive baize roughly to size (a little larger than needed). Peel off the paper backing and attach to the object before carefully trimming to size. Press firmly to form a strong bond.

For lining boxes and drawers:

Cut the sheet of baize exactly to size. Peel off the backing and carefully position it to line your item. Press firmly or use a roller to form a strong bond.

Looking for Adhesive Sheets or Tape?

If you have a bigger project or require a bit more flexibility, then the double-sided self adhesive sheets we stock are ideal. They come in an A4 size and are made from tissue tape, which means less plastic, for those looking to be plastic free. You can apply them to any of the fabrics we stock. We also supply double-sided adhesive tape for fabrics in 5m rolls, 15mm wide, also made from plastic-free tissue tape.


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