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Vivid Hue Fine Baize Black

£114.95 - £149.95 / m inc. VAT

Vivid Hue Fine Baize Black

£114.95 - £149.95 / m inc. VAT

The colours of the these fabrics truly pop, making them the choice for film and theatre costume designers. These quality hard wearing fabrics combine vivid dyes with the soft and comfortable properties of the Merino wool used to make them.

  • Durable, hardwearing, crease resistant – ideal for multiple costume changes
  • Soft, supple Merino wool provides comfort
  • Available by the metre or by the bolt (70m)

Sample Swatches

Sample swatches are available for a nominal fee of £1.50 – order a sample swatch of this fabric here

Total Fabric Price

Please Note:Cut lengths of fabric are bespoke items and cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged.

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Vivid Hue Fine Baize Black

These vividly coloured fine baizes have an luxuriously smooth finish. Vivid Hue Fine Baize Black has a tight weave and a heavily brushed nap, all baizes in this range all have desirable properties such as warmth and cushioning.

The strong colour palette and durability of this fabric, means this fabric has been the costume designers choice for both stage and film. The vivid colour dyes used are striking and give actors added depth and colour to their performances. In film the striking colours can be used to define moods and atmosphere.

Summary of Specifications

  • Composition 100% Merino Wool
  • Suitability Fashion, Millinery, Uniforms, Costumes for Film, Stage, TV and Re-enactments
  • Weight 340gsm
  • Thickness approx 0.85mm/ 850 micron
  • Usable Width (cm) 140cm
  • Roll Length 70m
  • Finishing Brushed Nap Unfaced Finish


Pricing Table for Vivid Hue Fine Baizes

Range (m)Price (£/m)
1 - 1.9 m£149.95 / m
2 - 2.9 m£139.95 / m
3 - 4.9 m£125.95 / m
5 - 70 m£114.95 / m

Colour Variations of Woollen Fabrics

This 100% merino wool baize is a natural material and colour variation is evidence of the natural origin of the material. Therefore the product colour is only indicative, as it is not possible to assure consistency of colour in a natural product due to the natural colour of raw wool and absorption of dyes. Colour matching cannot be guaranteed on shipments and variation will be more pronounced beyond the normal commercial range.

Additional Information

Roll/Bolt Length


Roll/Bolt Width




Fabric Thickness

0.85mm / 850 micron


100% Merino Wool

Primary Uses

Ceremonial Dress, Costumes for Film, Stage, TV and Re-enactments, Uniforms, Fashion, Thermal Curtains, Upholstery, Drapery, Millinery



Purchase By

10cm increments with a 1 metre (100cm) minimum


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