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Precut Baize Squares - Card Table Size

£39.95£44.95 inc. VAT

Precut Baize Squares – Card Table Size

£39.95£44.95 inc. VAT

Precut baize squares available in two different sizes (34in and 36in) in each of the eight colours of the Standard Baizes we stock.

  • Made from 95% Wool 5% Nylon giving the highest durability
  • Ideal for refurbishing all manner of furniture, especially playing card and gaming tables
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Our precut baize squares are available in two sizes, which make them ideal as replacement baize for card tables. Cut from the Standard Baize that we stock, this provides you with a highy durable replacement. This is due to the 95% Wool / 5% Nylon mix and the tight weave only premium British baize has.

Furthermore the squares are available in eight rich colours: Black, Green, Blue, Burgundy Red, Cedar Green, Light Sea Green, Light Tan and Light Pewter Grey, meaning you’ll find a colour that matches your style.

Sized to Fit Playing Card Tables

Because there has been a resurgence in restoring old furniture. We have been approached by customers who are “refelting” their playing card tables. Firstly we gently inform them that felt isn’t what they’re after, but baize is. Baize is the perfect surface for playing card tables thanks to its durability and the hardwearing nature of the wool used in the baize that we stock.

Because Simon Lucas has been making playing card table cloths from heritage grade Baize for nearly 40 years, he knows that folding playing card tables come in two distinct sizes. 34 inches (86.4cm) and 36 inches (91.4cm). These then are the two sizes we sell as precut baize squares.

Baize Cut to Size

We’ve selected Baize from the Standard Range baizes that we sell due to their overall durability. However we stock a wider selection of colours in the other ranges that we stock. If you wish to give your old playing card table a funky twist, then why not make use of our custom fabric cutting service? Not only does this service give you more choice of colour, if your playing card table is a non-standard size we can cut a piece of baize to fit it, with millimetre accuracy.


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