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  • Post published:14th November 2019
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Prospective customers often ask: “What are the differences between the baizes you stock?” This is a good question as each of the ranges have their own distinct merits. As a result we have created this guide to our baize ranges.

First of all, all baize fabrics have one thing in common, and that is that they are all incredibly durable. The high percentage of wool gives these fabrics this shared property.

100% Merino Wool Fabric – Softness Guaranteed

As the name suggests, the fabric in this range is made entirely from Merino wool. The Merino wool gives the fabric a softness that is akin to that of velvet. It also has a sheen just like velvet does, but is far more durable due to its weave and wool content.

The fabrics in the 100% Merino Wool Range are all “faced” fabrics. This means that they have a right side and a wrong side. The faced side is the side has a sheen and lustre to it that catches and reflects the light.

Because Merino Wool is inherently soft, this baize is soft and supple too. It is also a light weight fabric at 390gsm – making it the choice for fashion designers and ideal for apparel.

100% Merino Wool Range Technical Details

Composition100% Merino Wool
FinishingFaced Finish
Fabric Weight390 GSM
Fabric Thickness~1.15mm/1150 micron
Maximum Fabric Roll/Bolt Length70m
Maximum Fabric Roll/Bolt Width140cm/1.4m

Vivid Colour Baize – Striking Hues That Make an Impact

The Vivid Colour Baizes we stock are also made from 100% Merino Wool. However, due to their striking colours and subtle differences in weight and thickness, we decided to categorise them differently.

Just like the 100% Merino Wool baizes, they are a light weight fabric – weighing slightly less at 340gsm but with their vivid colours, the baize in this range are really well suited to the world of fashion and costume design, both for stage and film.

Baizes from this range have most notably been used for the costume design of Wes Anderson’s Grand Budapest Hotel – though sadly not supplied by us.

Vivid Colour Baize Range Technical Details

Composition100% Merino Wool
FinishingUnfaced Finish
Fabric Weight340 GSM
Fabric Thickness~0.85mm/850 micron
Maximum Fabric Roll/Bolt Length70m
Maximum Fabric Roll/Bolt Width140cm/1.4m

Uses for All 100% Merino Baizes

  • Fashion and Haute Couture
  • Millinery Desgin
  • Costumes for Stage, TV and Film
  • Uniforms
  • Ceremonial Dress
  • Soft Furnishings

Standard Baizes – A Fabric Made Extra Tough

Baize is the fabric of choice for sympathetic and authentic interior restorations. A historic fabric, unchanged in appearance, style and feel from its conception, Baize adorns many historical and landmark interiors, taking pride of place in stately homes, castles, and great buildings of authority.

The Standard Baizes we stock are a more cost effective option than the two Merino wool baizes. This is because the standard baizes are made from a mix of wool (95%) and nylon (5%).

Although this makes the baize slightly less environmentally friendly, it does make the baize more durable, which in turn changes the applications it is best suited for.

The key points of difference about the standard baizes are the composition, fabric weight and the overall size of the fabric. Also the standard baizes are unfaced fabrics so they don’t have a right or wrong side.

Composition95% Merino Wool/5% Nylon
Fabric Weight570 GSM
Fabric Thickness~1.75mm/1750 micron
Maximum Fabric Roll/Bolt Length60m
Maximum Fabric Roll/Bolt Width190cm/1.9m

Extra Wide Baizes – When You Need to go Large!

The Extra Wide Baizes we stock are suited for large projects. They sit in between the standard baizes and the 100% Merino wool baizes that we stock. Therefore they share properties of both of these distinct types of fabric. Being lighter in weight than the standard baize but with a faced finish giving lustrous quality and sheen, the Extra Wide Baizes are perfect for accenting the curves and folds of upholstered furniture and drapery.

As the name of the range suggests, the key difference is the width that the fabric is available in. This makes it a go-to choice for very large scale applications and at 220cm, it is the widest woollen faced fabric on the market.

Composition95% Merino Wool/5% Nylon
FinishingFaced Finished
Fabric Weight460 GSM
Fabric Thickness~1.25mm/1250 micron
Maximum Fabric Roll/Bolt Length50m
Maximum Fabric Roll/Bolt Width220cm/2.2m

All Standard Baizes and Extra Wide Baizes Are Ideally Used For

  • Interior Restoration
  • Vintage Car Upholstery
  • Thermal Curtains
  • Upholstery
  • Drapery
  • Lifestyle and Home Goods

Baize Fabrics Side-by-Side Comparison

CompositionWeightThicknessFinishMax Roll Width
100% Merino100% Merino Wool390gsm~1.15mmFaced140cm
Vivid Hues Baize100% Merino Wool340gsm~0.85mmUnfaced140cm
Standard Baize95%Merino Wool / 5% Nylon570gsm~1.75mmUnfaced190cm
Extra Wide Baize95%Merino Wool / 5% Nylon460gsm~1.25mmFaced220cm

This Post Has 2 Comments

  1. Kellie Becker

    I am looking for 1 sq yd (3×3) of bright green baize fabric for a 1894 Hunzinger Game Table. Could you please quote a price in US Dollars? I would appreciate your thoughts on whether the fabric should be a faced baize or not for card & die games.. Also once purchased, how long would it take to arrive if shipped to Vermont, USA?

    1. Baize and Wool Team

      Hi Kellie,

      We recommend the standard baize for card tables because of its durability and Holly is the traditional colour. However, it would be worth checking the thickness of the baize you’re replacing because some antique tables were originally covered in a much thinner fabric. If there’s a recess that the new baize will need to fit into, please check that it’s at least 1.75mm. If you prefer a colour in one of the other ranges, they’d also be suitable. A faced finish has a nap and gives it a sheen which changes the appearance from different angles.

      You have two options for purchasing; either a piece cut to size, or a metre length (39 inches) cut from the roll.

      The metre price is cheaper (£64.96 / approx $85) but the shipping cost is higher because it’s larger and heavier so we send it on a roll (£70 / approx $91). Rolls are sent with a courier, usually FedEx, and take 1-3 days to US addresses.

      A piece cut to 1 sq yd (92cm x 92cm) works out at £88.17 (approx $115) and because it’s smaller, lighter and we can send it folded, the shipping is £15.99 (approx $21). Folded pieces are sent airmail and usually take around 5-7 days to arrive.

      If you’re not sure which baize or colour to go for, we offer sample swatches of all of the baizes in our collection: Standard Baize, Extra Wide, 100% Merino Wool and Vivid Hues.

      I hope that’s helpful and wish you the best of luck with renovating your table!

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