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Specialist baize fabric suppliers to UK and international customers with over 30 years experience in working with baize and wool fabrics.

We started one of the UK’s most successful Bridge supplies companies – Simon Lucas Bridge Supplies – making high quality card table cloths for the bridge market.

Company director and founder, Simon Lucas, graduated from the renown fashion school at Middlesex University and identified a niche he could fill. He chose only the highest quality Baize money could buy, as he began to supply the likes of Harrods and Selfridges with card table cloths, so there could be no compromise in the quality of his materials.

As the company and demand for Simon’s cloths grew, so did the stock of baize fabrics Simon required for making his highly prized cloths. With this knowledge and experience of baize fabric, we began getting requests to supply baize to a range of new customers. From remnants and offcuts for hobbyists and crafters, to whole bolts of baize fabric to wholesale customers for use within interior design and fashion.

Because of these requests and sales of our day-to-day baize and wool cloth fabrics we decided to set up this dedicated website to selling and supplying these prized and quality fabrics. Trading as Baize and Wool Fabrics frees us up to be  specialist baize fabric suppliers, supplying these natural and eco fabrics wholesale.

Under the Baize and Wool Fabrics name we can offer and supply a wider range of cloths that can be used for:

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