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The Ranges of Baizes We Stock

For ease we split the baizes we stock into ranges. These ranges all have key differences. Although they appear to be subtle, these differing properties mean that each baize type is best suited to differing uses. The following is a brief guide to the individual baize ranges.

Standard Baize
A durable workhorse made from 95% wool 5% Nylon.

100% Merino Baize
A lighter faced fabric, naturally soft and warm making it ideal for fashion, millinary, uniforms and costume design.

Extra Wide Baize
A wide roll width of 220cm but with the same qualities as the Standard Baize make extra wide baize the choice for bigger projects, such as upholstery and architectural restoration.

Vivid Colour Baize
Another 100% Merino wool baize, but marginially lighter in weight with a dynamic range of colours making these the choice for costume designers for stage and film.

Baize Remnants and Offcuts
These are assorted pieces of cloth trimmings left over from our workshop where we make by hand fine table cloths. Ideal for smaller projects and crafts.

For more in-depth information about these baizes be sure to check out our product insight page Differences Between the Baizes We Stock

  • Standard Baizes

    Standard Baizes

    Anything But Standard – Baizes That Are Tough Standard baizes use a wool and nylon blend (95% Wool 5% nylon) to create an extremely durable fabric that can withstand a lot of use. Ideal for games tables and architectural detailing.
  • 100% Merino Wool Fabrics

    100% Merino Wool Fabrics

    Naturally Soft and Warm Merino Wool Fabrics Merino Wool Fabrics are a fantastic. Soft, durable and warm to list just a few of it's many amazing properties. These 100% Merino Wool fabrics are spun in the UK from the finest grade pure merino wool and are the preferred choice of designers.
  • Extra Wide Baize

    Extra Wide Baize

    Extra Wide Baizes For Grand Designs With their generous 220cm width, the Extra Wide Baize in this range are ideal for larger projects. This is the baize to opt for if you need a heritage grade fabric on a big scale. Customers have bought this fabric for upholstery through to architectural restoration of historical buildings.
  • Vivid Colour Baize

    Vivid Colour Baize

    Fine Vivid Colour Baize A range of vivid colour baize particularly suited to costume design for stage or film. Made from Merino wool which provides softness and durability. Costumes made from these baizes keep actors comfortable for long periods and costumes looking good after many changes.
  • Baize Remnants and Offcuts

    Baize Remnants and Offcuts

    Offcuts, Remnants or Oddments Baize remnants and offcuts are perfect for any smaller jobs or craft projects you have in mind. For example we have sold pieces as gift wrap and for use as decorations - their uses are limitless. Furthermore all of our baize remenants and offcuts have at least 95% British wool content and are dyed with rich…
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