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For restoration use, fabrics like baize are a good choice. This versatile and durable fabric, has been used historically, from interior design details through to clothing and upholstery.

Restoring antique pieces of furniture, historical or heritage grade buildings, takes a lot of careful research. Restoration work must be done sensitively and selecting the correct materials is vital, to ensure authenticity.

Baize: A Heritage Quality Fabric

Manufactured in the UK since 1783 baize is a truly English material. Used as simple sound proofing in grand english country homes, applied to doors and walls baize limits the sound from the servant’s quarters entering the family’s living space. It also soaked up echos from the large living spaces, making it a natural acoustic baffle.

Baize has also used for tablecloths and for covering writing tables. This is due to its durability and that it provides a non-slip surface. These same properties also make it the ideal surface for playing card tables and casino gaming tables.

The durable nature of baize is one of the reasons a primitive form of it was adopted by the British Army during the 17th and 18th centuries. Traditionally red in colour, gave the British Army their colloquial name of the “Red Coats”.

The baize we supply is the same heritage quality baize that is used for ceremonial military dress.

Another application of Baize is in the restoration of vintage cars. The durable nature of baize and the mulitude of colours available make it an ideal material for car upholstery.

Restoration Grade Fabrics

We have supplied customers working on large restoration projects and have an understanding of the kinds of challenges that are faced. We are always happy to help and can supply sample swatches of the baizes we stock to aide in your restoration project.

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to help and advise you.

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