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To help customers choose the best Redecker fabric brush, we have created a review and a simple grading system matched to the fabrics that we stock.

The Grading System

The brushes we have chosen to stock all have different uses and bristle types. So we thought it would be helpful

to recommend a certain brush for a certain fabric, but also to grade the stiffness of each brush.

Our grading system rates each standard brush 17 with one being the softest and seven being the hardest. Additionally, we have a Very Hard categorisation. This is for the rubber bristle Lint Brushes.

Redecker Fabric Brush Review



All fabrics and blankets in our range

An exceptionally soft, long bristled brush and pan set which is specifically intended for sweeping crumbs from the table.

It’s too gentle for deeper cleaning of the fabric but is fantastic for its intended use: clearing up after meals (and is fun to use too!).

Clearing up crumbs straight away prevents them from being ground deeper into the fabric, making the table sweeping set a valuable ally in keeping baize table cloths, cushions and upholstery looking its best.

Redecker Table Sweeping Sets



All fabrics and blankets in our range

Another good all-purpose brush for all the fabrics we stock.

Lovely soft bristles, so no risk of lifting the pile. Gentle cleaning action, suitable for light cleaning. For deeper cleaning (e.g. encrusted food) a brush with stiffer bristles will be required, but this is the brush for daily maintainance.

If you buy just one brush, buy this one.

Redecker Traditional Clothes Brush



Snooker/Pool/Billiard tables
Extra Wide Baize

Developed especially for billiards, snooker and pool tables, the bristles are soft enough to maintain the finish of the fabric but stiff enough to remove dust and chalk marks.

The shaped end is great for getting under the cushions and right into the corners of the table, and this also makes it a great brush for upholstered furniture such as chairs that have nooks and crannies that can be otherwise difficult to clean.

As the fabric that’s frequently used on tables for cue sports, this is an ideal brush for keeping Extra Wide Baize clean, but, as always, please don’t brush against the direction of the nap as this will lift the specially trained pile.

Being 24cm in length, this long brush makes short work of keeping your baize door looking ship-shape too!

Redecker Billiards, Snooker and Pool Table Brush



Very good all-around brush for the Vivid Hue & Cashmere Blankets

With a slightly stiffer bristle than the Traditional Clothes Brush, this brush is the go-to brush where a slightly deeper clean is needed.

Use it gently, and make sure that when brushing faced cloths (Extra Wide Baize and the 100% Merino Wool) that you don’t brush against the nap (with the nap and across the nap is fine). Having a Melton weave, this is a particularly good all-round brush for the Vivid Hues fabrics.

Cashmere Clothes Brush Pearwood Handle



Standard Baize, Extra Wide Baize, Upholstery Classics

With moderately stiff bristles, this brush is best suited to cleaning Standard Baize, Extra Wide Baize and Upholstery Classics that are attached to a flat surface (e.g. baize card table surface or a baize door).

Used when a stiffer bristle is required, this brush will remove more stubborn detritus that the Cashmere Brush and Traditional Clothes Brush leave behind.

As with all our brushes, always brush in the direction of the nap on faced cloths (Extra Wide Baize and 100% Merino Wool Baize)

Redecker Clothes Brush Review



Cashmere Blankets

Developed especially for cashmere, this and the Cashmere Brush with a pearwood handle are the best brushes for maintaining your John Atkinson cashmere blankets.

Redecker Cashmere Brush with Beechwood Handle



Natural Collection Fabrics
Twill and Granite Blankets

This firm bristle brush works well with the texture of the Natural Collection fabrics, and also the John Atkinson Twill and Granite blankets.

Redecker Stiff Clothes Brush


Removing pet hair
For most fabrics and blankets

The natural rubber bristles take on a static charge as it moves across the fabric, magically attracting pet hair like a magnet. A must-have brush for any cat or dog owner.

Use very gently on our fabrics, barely touching the surface, so as not to lift the pile, and when all pet hair is removed we recommend finishing off by brushing the fabric with the Traditional Clothes brush to smooth the fabric surface into place again.

These brushes are not suitable for faced cloths (Extra Wide Baize or 100% Merino Wool).

Redecker Small Lint Brush Review

What are Faced Cloths and How do I Find the Nap Direction?

If you’re feeling a bit confused by the terms used in this Redecker Fabric Brush Review then we have created a guide to answer both of these questions above. Our guide is simply called How to Identify the Face and Nap of Faced Baize. There you will find a written guide and a helpful video if you prefer to learn while you watch.

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