Baize And Wool Fabrics

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  • Post published:9th March 2020
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Add a touch of luxury or a splash of colour to your retail display using baize. We’ll explore why this hardwearing fabric is perfect for in store displays no matter what you’re selling.

Your shop is an extension of either your personality or your brand. From pop up to boutique, the look and feel of any shop is highly important in creating a space in which customers feel engaged, comfortable and willing to spend.

Let Your Products Shine

The classic tenet less is more, is true to retail display as it is to other design disciplines. We’ll assume you’re not setting up a supermarket. Where excess is more the order of the day.

Clever use of negative space – or empty space – is how to add a feeling of luxuriousness and quality. With retail display, this can be achieved in a number of ways.

Firstly not having too many products out on display. Giving each of your products space to breath, will allow your customers to engage with each product more carefully and without distraction. Naturally there is the design aesthetic of eclecticism, which runs counter to this. Yet this rule applies elsewhere, like giving each product display unit the visual room. Spacial separation is the same as negative space in this instance.

Limiting visual clutter, by limiting the number of materials used for your displays. Choose materials that complement one another and complement your products, but don’t compete for the attention of your prosepective customers.

How Baize Can Help

Thanks to the uniformity of baize, it is inherently non-distracting. It can be easily applied to any surface to introduce a pop of colour. The baize we stock comes in a wide range of colours. From vibrant hues to subdued tones. There’s a colour to suit any decorative scheme.

Plush Countertops

You can use baize to make your display counter tops look amazing. Adding a baize panel to a counter top will not only make the surface non-slip, but products placed on it will look amazing too. The baize too can help to protect vulnerable surfaces from scratching. Worked into cabinet designs, baize contrasts and complements wood beautifully.

Baize: The Ideal Material for Lining Boxes and Furniture

Sound Absorbtion

Another benefit of baize is that it absorbs sound. If your retail space uses a lot of hard surfaces and the products you sell aren’t soft, then working panels of baize into your interior can also work as acoustic baffles and help to soak up echos.

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