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Fabric Sample Swatch Standard Baize

£1.50 inc. VAT

Fabric Sample Swatch Standard Baize

£1.50 inc. VAT

Use our sample selector below to choose the colour(s) from our Standard Baizes range that you’d like to recieve a swatch of.



Standard Baize Fabric Sample Swatch

Ordering a sample swatch of this fine fabric couldn’t be easier. Each sample swatch is a good size, to give the best impression of this elegant fabric.

Samples are ideal for those who require a very specific colour for a project or wish to colour match before buying in bulk. Not only are samples just right for colour matching, they also allow you to experience a fabric’s tactile qualities too. This is as equally important as colour when a fabric is to be used for costume design or for interiors and soft furnishing.

Just the Right Amount of Fabric

When you’re ready to order, we offer this fabric in many different ways. You can choose from:

Offcuts and remnants of this fabric are also available, but sizes and quantities are variable and can’t be guarenteed to be square. These offcuts come from our production business where we use this cloth to make custom table cloths


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