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  • Post published:10th June 2019
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Having recently watched a fascinating episode of great German TV series called Handwerkskunst featuring the work of carnival costume maker. It occurred that the Vivid Colour Baizes we sell would be ideal for use in carnival costume design.

Carnival or Karneval in Germany and German speaking nations (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) are huge events. Celebrated with wild carnival costume design, the tradition dates back to the middle ages and unlike other carnivals doesn’t mark on specific event but encompasses a Karneval season.

The biggest and most well known of the Karneval in Germany is the Cologne Carnival or Kölner Karneval – it signifies the peak of the festivities and takes place on Rose Monday or Rosenmontag which occurs on the Monday before Ash Wednesday.

Carnival Costume Design

Preparations for the parades take months of planning with Karneval Clubs competing against one another for the most creative costumes. The themes for the costumes vary widely and can range from clowns through to historical military uniforms – particularly Napoleonic era battle dress to celebrate the defeat of Napoleon in Europe when Germany was liberated from his rule.

These historical uniforms and costumes are often made by highly talented professional seamstresses using traditional techniques and materials for added authenticity – materials like baize or wool based fabrics.

The defining feature of the costumes used during Karneval are their colour. The colours used for the costumes are vivid – a visual delight for the millions that line the streets of Cologne often in the cold and wet.

Naturally Warm Vividly Coloured Fabrics

The vivid colour baizes that we sell are ideal for use in carnival costume design and carnival uniforms. Thanks to the unique properties of the merino wool they are made from.

Merino wool is soft and warm, which makes it a pleasure to wear and to work with. Carnival season in Germany runs from November through to Easter, so the costumes are heavy and cover up exposed skin from the cold and wet. Merino wool fabrics are perfectfor this as they can be fashioned into any garment imaginable and will hold its shape brilliantly. Furthermore Merino wool baize is highly durable – meaning that costumes and uniforms stay looking fantastic for longer.

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