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A4 Double-Sided Self Adhesive…

From: £2.99

A4 Double-Sided Self Adhesive Sheets

From: £2.99

These double-sided A4 self adhesive sheets are perfect for pads for chess pieces, backing coasters, lamps, placemats and ornaments or for lining small boxes and drawers.



A4 Double-Sided Self Adhesive Sheets

Specially trialled and selected for its superior adhesion to the baizes in our extensive range, our A4 Double-Sided Self Adhesive Sheets are perfect for attaching baize and other fabrics to small items. The adhesive is high-tack and forms a strong and durable bond. We use these sheets to make our Self-Adhesive Baize, and you too can make any fabric of your choice self-adhesive by applying the same backing, so let your creativity flow!

The double-sided sheets are absolutely ideal for helping you to back chess pieces, coasters, lamps, ornaments and placemats, or for lining small boxes and drawers with the fabric of your choice without the additional expense and complication of glue. You could even use it for collage and artwork. Simply attach one side of the adhesive sheet to the reverse side of your fabric (use multiple sheets for larger areas) and press firmly – a roller is ideal if you have one, otherwise a good firm press down with your hands should suffice. When it’s stuck firmly, you now have self-adhesive fabric to use for your project – simply cut to shape and peel the paper backing off and it’s ready to use!

Plastic Free

The double-sided self adhesive sheet is made from tissue paper and it has paper backing on both sides, so all the offcuts that you don’t use and the paper you peel off can be recycled with the rest of your paper waste.

Perfect Size

The sheets are A4 in size (210mm x 297mm) and they’re sold individually. Larger sheets are difficult to handle and apply evenly, so A4 is a perfect size. We care passionately about the living world and part of that is not over-consuming. By supplying A4 sheets individually, you can buy exactly what you need with no waste which is better for the planet (and for your wallet!). If you need to cover a larger piece of fabric, you can do this easily by applying multiple sheets, one at a time, until the back of your fabric is covered – we sell packs of 5 sheets at a quantity discount price for this purpose.

Instructions for Use

For backing small items:

Peel off one side of the paper backing and attach the adhesive sheet to the baize first, applying firm pressure for good adhesion (a roller is ideal). Cut the self-adhesive baize roughly to size (a little larger than needed). Peel off the rest of the paper backing and attach to the object before carefully trimming to size. Press firmly to form a strong bond.

For lining boxes and drawers:

Apply the adhesive sheet to the baize as outlined above, then cut the self-adhesive baize exactly to size. Peel off the backing and carefully position to line your item. Press firmly to form a strong bond.

Looking for Adhesive Tape?

If you require a bit more flexibility, then the double-sided adhesive tape we stock is ideal. It comes available in 5m long rolls, is 15mm wide, and is also a tissue tape, great for those looking to be plastic free.


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