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Double-Sided Adhesive Tape for…


Double-Sided Adhesive Tape for Fabric


Our exclusive adhesive tape for fabric is the perfect way to tension baize before gluing it in place.

  • Special 15mm wide double-side tape, the perfect width for recovering card tables.
  • 5m roll ideal for one card table – only buy what you need with no waste.
  • Extra tackiness sticks baize firmly to wood or MDF, allowing you to tension the fabric without special equipment.
  • Tissue paper tape with paper backing on a cardboard core. Completely recyclable and better for the environment.
  • 15mm tape on 20mm wide finger-lift backing paper, easy to peel.

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Double-Sided Self Adhesive Tape for Fabric and Baize

Specially trialled and selected for its superior adhesion to the baizes in our extensive range, use our Double-Sided Adhesive Tape for fabric as part of the process of attaching baize to card tables, shelves and other large items, saving you lots of time and with no need for specialist equipment. The adhesive is high-tack and forms a strong and durable bond, and the special 15mm width is the ideal size for this purpose.

When recovering a card table or lining a shelf with baize, the fabric needs to be tensioned to give a good finish, then held taut while the glue dries. Traditionally furniture restorers use batons and clamps, and can only glue one side at a time. However, we’ve pioneered a much simpler and quicker method using our especially tacky double-sided adhesive tape: it’s the perfect way to temporarily fix baize and hold it taut before gluing it in place. Once the baize is in position and tensioned correctly, permanent glue is used for bonding the fabric to a wood or MDF surface, and you can glue all four sides at the same time saving you hours of time.

Plastic Free

The double-sided tape is made from tissue paper and it has a paper backing. Furthermore, it’s wound onto a cardboard core, so every part of the product can be recycled with the rest of your paper waste.

Perfect Size

The double-sided tape is 15mm wide on 20mm ‘finger lift’ backing paper (i.e. it’s easy to peel), and the roll length is 5 metres. Standard double-sided tapes are usually 12mm or 18mm wide but we have found that these are not the best size for recovering a card table – 15mm is the right width to hold the baize and leave a small area along the raw edge for applying the glue. Narrower widths don’t hold the baize, and wider widths don’t give you enough fabric to glue. Why 5m? Well, we care passionately about the living world and part of that is not over-consuming. By supplying 5m rolls, you can buy exactly what you need for one card table (plus 1m extra in case of mistakes). This means that there’s minimal waste which is better for the planet (and for your wallet!).

Ideal for Re-Covering Your Card Table

This tape is a crucial part of card table restoration. Because we understand the complexities of what’s involved, if you buy this tape, a piece of baize and glue from us, we’ll soon be publishing a video of how to replace the baize on your card table to ensure you get perfect results. The process is really straight forward and our video will draw on 30 years experience of working with baize.

Tape for Fabric Specifications

  • 15mm wide double-side “tissue paper tape”
  • 5m roll – ideal for one card table with no waste
  • Extra tackiness sticks fabric firmly to wood or MDF
  • Tissue paper tape with paper backing on a cardboard core. Completely recyclable and better for the environment.
  • 15mm tape on 20mm wide finger-lift backing paper, easy to peel.


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