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Our Precut Baize Squares are the perfect replacement baize for card tables. Here’s why you should use them for restoring your old playing card table.

With the environment being at the forefront of many people’s minds, the idea of restoring old furniture is resurgent. Not only is it better for the planet, antique or older pieces of furniture just have more soul. Those scratches and chinks in the wood tell tale.

So if the felt – or what looks like felt – on the top of your antique playing card table is a little worse for wear, then our Precut Baize Squares are just what you need.

Buy The Best Baize for the Job

Simply put, there is no substitute for quality baize. When choosing replacement baize for card tables, choosing quality over cost is key.

The baize we stock as precut squares are all premium quality British made baize. Manufactured to a heritage grade standard. This means that the fabric goes through a rigourous quality control process. The end result is a baize that has an extremely tight weave, made from 95% wool and will be highly resistant to “pilling” – the bobbling up you often see on cheaper fabrics.

Recovering your playing card table with a premium quality baize, means that you’ll unlikely need to do it again any time soon and your restored table will look good for years to come, as well as providing you a highly durable playing surface that will be a joy to sit at.

We Know Baize

If you buy a precut piece of baize for your card table from us, we’ll also happily give you the benefit of our years of working with Baize.

Simon Lucas has been working with baize for almost 40 years, making exquisite table cloths with the fabric. He has become world renown and has expert knowledge when it comes to all things baize.

He will personally advise you the best methods to use when restoring your playing card table’s surface to new.

More Colours More Sizes

Our precut squares are available in the eight colours of the standard range baizes we stock. However we offer a baize fabric cutting service, which covers all of the baizes we stock. This means if you want to give your old table a colourful twist, then we can expertly cut a piece of cloth to suit your style.

Use this service too if your card table is a non-standard size. We can cut the baize to millimetre accuracy at no extra cost.

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