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  • Post published:25th August 2021
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Furniture maker Nick Clouting used the pewter baize we stock to line a dual-purpose dining and gaming table for one of his clients.

Two Tables in One

Nick Clouting is a furniture maker based in the UK. He was commissioned to make a dining table, with a concealed table for games inside. He contacted us to ask if we could advise on how to fix baize to the playing surface. We were happy to help.

He chose to use Oak for this project. Which has a stunning figure and warm butterscotch hues. The coolness of the pewter grey standard baize that we sell, complemented the wood incredibly well.

Beautiful Baize

Using baize for gaming surfaces is traditional. Additionally, it provides both a beautiful and smart surface to look at, as well as being hardwearing. As a fabric used for woodworking and furniture making, its applications are limitless. It will always add elegance and refinement to any project.

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