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  • Post published:13th September 2019
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Baize is a great choice for luxury superyacht fit-out. This fabric is naturally durable and thanks to its use of wool gives it a richness too.

When considering luxury yacht fit-out, baize may not spring to mind. Yet this fabric’s heavy nap prevents objects from slipping. This is why it has been used historically for gaming tables and why it makes a practical choice for yachts, helping tableware remain in place when out on open water.

Furthermore baize is a versatile fabric available in a huge range of colours, textures and finishes. All baizes are inherently hard wearing and durable, meaning that they will stand the test of time and the rigours of life at sea.

The baizes in stock fit into two categories. Our blended baizes are either 95% wool and 5% polyester or 95% Merino wool and polyester. We also stock bolts of luxury merino wool baizes which are 100% Merino wool. These baizes have the feel and sheen of velvet, but will out live velvet many times over.

Expert Advice on Baize

We have been working with the Baizes we stock here turning them into beautiful custom and bespoke table cloths for over 35 years. Woven and died in the UK, the quality of these fine baizes is unsurpassed.

If as a yacht maker or interior designer for a yacht fit-out, baize may be a new material to you. We can advise fully on its properties and which fabric may be best for your application.

Use baize for lining table tops to give them an elegant non-slip surface or for seating and other soft furnishings.

If the yacht you are working on already has colours for its livery decided, we are always happy to supply samples, to ensure colour matching is as close as possible. We appreciate that is the small details that really do make the difference.

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