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Baize as an incredibly versatile material, as a result its uses are wide ranging and diverse. But one customer asked “Can you print on baize?”

Fortunately the short answer is yes, with a but.

Baize as a Surface to Print On

Baize might not spring to mind as a material for printing on. More usually we’ll think about paper or card for that purpose. Yet baize – premium quality baize in particular – makes a perfect substrate for using screen printing. One on which a print will stand the test of time.

The reason decent baize is well worth investing in for printing on, is that it has a tight weave. This is a key indicator of just how good a baize is. If you can’t see holes in the weave, but you can see a definite woven pattern – clearly defined horizontal and vertical lines of yarn – then your baize has probably been purchased from us!

This tight weave makes for an even and receptive surface onto which the pigment from screen printing can be applied.

What Gets Printed on Baize?

The only limit is your imagination. For instance card games played in casinos such as Texas Holdem and Blackjack use printed “layouts” in order to direct the banker and the order of play. Similarly roulette layouts can also be effectively printed on the baize.

Printing on baize a Roulette Table layout

Other games like backgammon boards are often lined with baize and in some cases have the long triangles – called “points” – printed on them. So if you’re into restoration projects that’s something to consider.

Another example of where baize is printed are Snooker, Pool and Billiards tables. We stock a baize specifically for use on snooker tables.

There is no reason why baize panel couldn’t have a coffee shop menu printed on it to make an interesting interior design statement. Similarly baize could be used instead of paper by graphic designers to render type on using screen printing for creative book cover designs, as baize can then be applied to all sorts of other materials itself.

Printing on Baize

Hopefully this article has illustrated yet another one of the versatile uses of baize, as a surface for printing on. The key takeaway is for the best results if you are printing on baize is to ensure that you use premium grade fabric. All of the fabrics we stock are the highest grade British baize and can be used for this purpose.

If you have any further queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us we’re always more than happy to help.

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