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  • Post published:26th March 2021
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Thin Baize is somewhat sought after in the world of restoration. We have a special archive of vintage baize with special characteristics not found today.

Baize Has Changed

Over the last 30 years, weaving methods have changed slightly. Although British mills use some looms that they have done since the second world war, there are always incremental changes that can affect the look of the final fabric. This can be down to different working practices or even different ways the wool is spun or worsted into yarn. Fortunately, we have an archive of remnants collected for over 30 years, of the standard baize that we stock.

Characteristics of Vintage Baize

These earlier examples of baize were noticeably thinner with a more open and visible weave. Some restorers want to use or replace baize with a piece that is new but dates from an earlier time. We hold back these special pieces and don’t list them online, in order to reserve them for those seeking these long-lost characteristics.

Contact Us for Thin Baize

If you’d like a piece of thin baize or an open weave piece for a small restoration project, please contact us with the size and colour you need and we’ll let you know what’s available.

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